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Ana Yara Postigo Fuentes, 18, studies Translation and Interpreting at the university in Malaga. She speaks English, French and German and helps as a volunteer in different associations.

Alice in Wonderland
I would like to talk about one of the best books I have ever read. The author is Charles Dodgson, but he is better known as Lewis Carroll. The main character is Alice, who is inspired by Alice Liddell, one of Carroll’s friends. Alice was ten years old when Carroll invented that story in order to entertain Alice and her sisters. The tale is very interesting because the world where Alice has her adventures is beyond logic and represents how difficult becoming an adult is and criticizes the adult world of the Victorian time.
At first, Alice meets a white rabbit, which represents the kind of adult who is always in a hurry. She follows it through the burrow and it’s as if she was entering the adult world, which is quite strange for her. After, she has to decide if she wants to drink a potion from a little bottle, in fact, she has to decide if she wants to grow up or not.
She measures 25 cm. and she is lost in a sea of her own tears. Then, she arrives at the “shore”, where she meets the assembly of animals, which represents the English Parliament and whose favorite sport is “the electoral race”, where nobody knows when it starts or when it finishes. Lewis Carroll was really conservative, so he criticizes the Parliament reform in that scene.
The 10-year-old girl is pressured because she has to mature and become an adult. This pressure is represented when she is trapped in the white rabbit’s house. But soon after, she is filled with joy when she is small again and meets a caterpillar with a hookah. If the white rabbit is a stressed adult, the caterpillar is an adult who doesn’t waste time running.
In the story, Alice meets the duchess and the King and the Queen, who are the high society of the Victorian era. They all want to control everything and are really bossy. Alice doesn’t like them.
What about the cards? They are a great symbol of society: everyone has a worth and we can decide the worth that each person has. For example, the Queen has this worth because society has decided that.
Who doesn’t remember the Tea Time? “The most radical and absurd English custom”, as Alice said. In that scene, we meet the mad Hatter, who is dressed up as an English gentleman, the hare in March and the sweet dormouse. Strange characters that can’t stand each other, but they meet to have a cup of tea.
I recommend reading this book in English, because there are a lot of plays on words and some songs, which were typical of that time since they were a way to educate and learn good manners. For example the lobsters’ dance where Lewis Carroll changed the words to make Alice and her sisters laugh.
As I said at the beginning, this story is about the adult world, which Alice finds absurd and strange. Sweet Alice will have to face this challenge and find herself in order to grow up.