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Tatiana Oltoff, Ángeles Ruíz, Agustina Maldonado and Miriam Gallardo are studying the last year of English at the EOI Fuengirola. Paloma de la Torre has also collaborated in this contribution to the magazine, although she couldn’t make it to the photo.

1. There was a black car with its lights turned off that was going 60Kmh along a street with black tarmac. The street was deserted and the street lamps were all switched off when suddenly just 10 meters ahead, a black man dressed in black started crossing the road. Nevertheless, the man in the car saw the man crossing the road, and he could stop on time and avoid an accident. How could this be possible?


2. You are locked in a prison and you have three doors in front of you to escape: the first one has got a hungry (and alive) lion inside, the second one has got a giant magnifier in the roof that can burn you alive and the third one has got a cloud of killer flies inside. Which one would you choose?


3. There are 3 rooms: the first one has got 3 switchers, the second one has got a hungry lion and the last one has got a bulb. You must find out which switcher turn on the bulb but you can pass through the lion’s room just once. How do you guess which switcher is?


4. There is a man standing on a river bank. He has a cat, a mouse and a piece of cheese. The man wants to cross the river but he only can pass carrying two of the items. The problem is that if he leaves the mouse and the cat together... or if he leaves the mouse and the piece of cheese...imagine what could happen.

How does the man cross the river?


5. There is a short man who lives on the eighth floor of a building. He normally takes the stairs to go out. However, when he comes back to his apartment he takes the elevator to the eighth floor when it is raining or there is someone else in the elevator. Otherwise if the day is sunny he takes the elevator to the sixth floor and goes up the stairs to his apartment on the eighth floor. Can you explain why this man behaves like that?

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