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Paul Mroček is a restless, lively, enterprising, young-at-heart man, always involved in projects of all kinds: planting trees, setting up a digital newspaper, forming (and performing) in theatre groups, etc. At present, he is an English teacher at EOI Fuengirola

EOI Fuengirola volunteering in Europe
The Escuela Oficial de Idiomas in Fuengirola is taking part in a European Commission Education & Training project entitled “Senior Volunteering in Europe” (abbreviated SenVol), during the academic years 2011-12 and 2012-13. More specifically, the teachers of the English Department, Marta Moreno and Paul Mroček have set up and are involved in the project, opened to all students who would like to collaborate.
The project takes the form of a Grundtvig Learning Partnership, within the Lifelong Learning Programme. Projects funded under this action enable organisations from different countries to work together, pooling their knowledge and experience, in order to innovate and improve the quality of adult learning provision in Europe.
In the SenVol project we are collaborating with 5 other institutions from other European countries, namely: bia- net Netzwerk Bildung im Alter (Graz, Austria); Universitá della Terza Etá (UTE) (Mola di Bari, Italy); Studentu Klubas (College of Social Sciences) (Klaipeda, Lithuania); Towarzystwo Edukacyjne “Wiedza Powszechna” (Gdansk, Poland); and Liceul Pedagogic (Tulcea, Romania).
The aims of the project are to research, analyse and develop volunteering good practice activities in our local communities, involving senior citizens (over 50 years old) both as givers and recipients of volunteering action.
In our School, we hope to implicate students of English who already do, or that would like to do, volunteering work and at the same time practice their English. We will be collaborating with already existing non-governmental organisations and charities (CUDECA; Bosques de España Fuengirola-Mijas; The Ark Christian Fellowship; Intermón-OXFAM; etc.).
So far, Marta Moreno and Paul Mroček, together with Lorenzo Hernández (student of English - Basic Level, Year 2-, who has volunteered to carry out the photography report of all meetings as well as volunteer to give master-classes to senior citizens in host countries), attended the first meeting of all partners in Gdnask (Poland) last November 2-5th 2011. In the first meeting we got to meet all of our partners and we set the guidelines for future work. We also had a great time there! We were looked-after really well by our hosts and we enjoyed thoroughly the social programme they organised for us: we visited the candle-lit Gdansk cemetery on November 1st, we attended a Kashubian folk-music dinner-party, we went sightseeing to the TriCity (Gdansk-Gdynia-Sopot), and we tasted the rich Polish national dishes: bigos, pierogi, kielbasa, kotlet schabowy, gołąbki, zrazy, (silesian rouladen) roast and tomato soup or rosół, żurek, flaki, barszcz. It was a fantastic experience!
By the way, on the way to Gdansk and on the way back, we had to stop over Oslo (Norway): and how lucky we were for this! We discovered a beautiful, stylish, interesting city, with kind people who speak English very well. The only con are the prices! If you ever go there, do not miss Vigeland Park (where you can find 212 sculptures by Gustav Vigeland including an obelisk and the Wheel of Life), the Kon-Tiki Museum (Kon-Tiki was the raft used by Norwegian explorer and writer Thor Heyerdahl in his 1947 expedition across the Pacific Ocean from South America to the Polynesian islands), the Vikingskiphuset (it contains three viking ships and several other unique items from the Viking age), etc. And what a better way to say goodbye to Oslo than attending a jazzy-ska-swing-rhythym’n’blues-soul concert at BLǺ, a live music club where everyone goes on Sunday evening, to listen to and dance to the best music in town.

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